About Me

Hi! I’m Hazel! You can call me Haze :)
I started blogging way back 2006 or 2007 I guess? My first blog was fairytale019.blogspot.com then I forgot my password for that one so I made a new one, which is this: http://givemethestarsss.blogspot.com/ 
I have also tried Wordpress because it is more accessible for me in terms of blog updates. But then, I missed editing my layout/theme from time to time to fit my mood which is not available in Wordpress if you're not in Premium. So here I am again, back with Blogger. For good. *i hope* 
Basics about me, hmm.
I’m a Filipino, well, 1/4 chinese I guess? ‘Coz my dad’s 1/2 chinese. So yeah.
The person I love the most is my mom.
I graduated BS Medical Technology from University of Santo Tomas but is now taking up BS Information Technology at Informatics International College-Diliman. Why? Long story.
I’m 20ish+ years old. Lol.
Why “GiveMeTheStars”? ~ Well, why not? Hehe. I’ve been a full fan of the “stars” ever since I can’t remember. There’s just something with the stars that makes me feel good.
My blog is all RANDOM. I’ll be posting here anything that runs in my mind.