Christmas 2015

by - Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas for me has always been about family.

For our Christmas this 2015, we have decided to have a mini christmas party. And this time, we are all complete. Of course, my mom's not here physically but she's in our hearts always so yeah, we're complete!

My cousins from the Gomez and nephews from the Ragasa were all present. Even my boyfriend and my brother's girlfriend. Haha.

So we had potluck for our food, 

rented out a karaoke machine and we have all decided to wear blue! 

Those not in blue was not informed ahead of time. haha!

Anyway, before the party, me and my sister went to the grocery to buy some snacks as prizes for games and raffle.

Then we had few games; Zip the Nips, Pass the Paper(Lips Version), Bond Paper Dance, Stop Dance, Palayok and Pabitin. Haha! We had so much fun to the point that we even forgot to eat till the games were finished. After eating, we had our traditional exchange gifts with photo ops every after gift and also had drinking sesh with my uncle, brother-in-law, boyfriend and cousins. We started to wrap-up around 3 or 4am I guess. The next day, which is the christmas day to be exact, we went to church to hear mass and also visited my mom. 

As always, I received a lot of Hello Kitty stuff as gifts :) 

Before I end this post, I would like to leave this quote.
"The Magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in HIS presence."

~til my next thought.

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