The COMET Experience

by - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Last week, me and my boyfriend went to Monasterio De Sta. Clara in Katipunan, Quezon City. He's graduating this May 20, 2016 so, as a sign of gratitude, we went there to offer eggs and to ask for help for his sister's pregnancy. As always, we're on commute mode. Since I'll be coming from SM North EDSA, and he's coming from España, we agreed to meet at Katipunan to save time.

I was thinking of riding the MRT then transfer to LRT2, but then, I remembered that there are these COMET Terminals with "Katipunan" sign boards. So, I went to there kiosk and asked for information.

I was given this card with information inside. I got the card for 20PHP and paid another 40PHP for the load. 'Cause I was informed that it's 20PHP from SM North to Katipunan and vice versa. 

COMET is actually an acronym for City Optimized Managed Electric Transport. Ha! Knew that! Thanks to google. *lol*

Anyway, the E-jeepney can fit around 20 passengers, I guess. my trip was around 3pm in the afternoon so the weather was really hot. Though, my ride was smooth, there was not much of a traffic and I arrived at Katipunan within 20-30mins. For me, COMET seems to be very convenient for passengers since you can register your cards so that in case of loss, you can report it and no one can use it. Also, the driver is friendly. I was able to talk to the driver and he informed me that they're on an 8-hour shift only and receives salary monthly, which means that they are not eager to stop in every side of the street just to get a passenger because their income doesn't depend on it. Which will lead to less traffic and more disciplined drivers. 

Aside from this advantages, the COMET is also electronically powered. Meaning, it's very eco-frendly! no more air pollution. Hurray for that! 

This makes me hopeful that it would help pave the way to improve not only the state of the jeepney but also that of public transportation and usher in a new age of environmentally-safe vehicles and commuters getting the comfort they deserve.

If you want to know more information about this E-Jeepney, you can check out their website:

~til my next random thought.

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